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Driver License Services
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In the state of Massachusetts, to lawfully purchase or possess a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, one must have a License to Carry Firearms ("LTC") or a Firearms Identification Card ("FID").

Massachusetts Gun License Services

If you need to renew, replace, or update your Massachusetts License to Carry or Firearms Identification card, you've picked a good place to get started. For each available service, we provide detailed requirements, state and federal firearms laws, forms where applicable, and the guidance you need to make dealing with your local Licensing Authority and Police Depts less stressful and time-consuming. Please select from the options below to proceed:

1. Complete the application wizard and download your guide and forms.

Important Information:

Changes or updates to your LTC or FID, such as renewal or replacement, can only be processed by the Local Licensing Authority, Police Dept, or official government website. The detailed guides we offer are supplementary. They are intended to save you time and effort by making it very clear what you need to do, what you should expect, all of the applicable laws and statues, and what you need to bring with you when dealing with your Local Licensing Authority or Police Dept. You can research all of this on your own for free, or you can choose our value-added service to do so on your behalf for a one-time fee of $15.00. Please note that this fee is separate from any fees the Local Licensing Authority or Police Dept may charge for the actual implementation of the service you are researching on our site.

Renew Massachusetts Gun License

You want to avoid allowing your LTC or FID expire. In Massachusetts, LTC and FID renewal is required by the Local Licensing Authority. To renew your license in person, you could get started by completing the application wizard, then following the instructions you will receive in your license application packet.

Replace Massachusetts Gun License

In some cases, your license may become lost, stolen, or damaged to the point where it is no longer useful. In any of those cases, you'll want to get it replaced. You can begin by making sure you have all the right documents and instructions.